From the Past to the Future

When we realised that the history of Auditorium Novecento was about to fall apart, we decided to use our energy, passion and competence to avoid losing this precious place, which has always been the house of our music.

Fabrizio Piccolo

born in 1980, has started out as musician and vocalist in several Neapolitan noise bands and then decided to focus himself on the audio engineering. He’s been dedicating ten years to this job and to the musical event planning. In 2009, he established the Trail Music Lab, his first recording studio, providing services to the most remarkable artists on the Italian musical scene.

Paolo De Rosa

was born at the end of the 70’s.  He’s a lawyer who, after many years spent abroad, decided to come back to his hometown running away from a stressful working life. He joined Auditorium Novecento to follow his passion for music, also managing the legal issues of the company. Paolo is an amateur saxofonist playing with Banda Basaglia and is partner of the publishing company named “Ad Est dell’equatore” where he is in charge of the music production.


Label and ProAudio&Lighting society since 2016.
SoundFly is a pseudonym for the activities of Bruno Savino, Neapolitan Producer. Already guitarist and record producer, today he is engaged in the search for new sounds and musical talents. He’s also Auditorium Novecento’s Administrator.

Daniele Chessa

born in Neaples in 1977, has grown up and raised with music in his life. When he was a teen, he used to play his father guitar and had the Beatles songs in his head all the time. However, synths, tape recorders and audio gear(s) took soon priority over all the rest., He began to produce dance music with just a sampler and a mixer, showing skills also in the audio manipulation. So he’s ended up working in discographic productions and making audio engineer projects. Even though he works for theatres all over Italy, he keeps buying gear in a compulsive way. Of course he still has music in his life. And an amazing son, too.

Ciro Riccardi

Professional musician, trumpet player, composer since 2001. He studied Jazz and composition at the “San Pietro a Majella” conservatory, in Napoli, graduated from the “Istituto Universitario Orientale with a thesis on Miles Davis. Session musician and tour musician for a great amount of musicians, bands and orchestras all over Italy. He is also the founder, arranger, director and bandleader of the Uanema Orchestra and his first solo album, “Racconti di Vinile” (2017) was released in May for the Alfa Music label, with Peppe Servillo and Daniele Sepe as guests. In 2020 he made is second solo album “Grass’n wood”, published by the Japanese label “Da Vinci Music”, in couple with the harpist Gianluca Rovinello.