From the Past to the Future

When we realised that the history of Auditorium Novecento was about to fall apart, we decided to use our energy, passion and competence to avoid losing this precious place, which has always been the house of our music.

Fabrizio Piccolo

born in 1980, has started out as musician and vocalist in several Neapolitan noise bands and then decided to focus himself on the audio engineering. He’s been dedicating ten years to this job and to the musical event planning. In 2009, he established the Trail Music Lab, his first recording studio, providing services to the most remarkable artists on the Italian musical scene.

Paolo De Rosa

was born at the end of the 1970.  He’s a lawyer who, after many years spent abroad trying to fit into the law society (the one that matters), has chosen to be part of the  lower-class society, in which he feels much more comfortable. He’s part of the Bersaglia band as saxophonist and partner in business of the discographic label   “Ad Est dell’Equatore Musica”, where he’s in charge of the music production.


Paolo Nappi

is an accountant, events manager and consultant for the most of the remarkable artists in Southern Italy. In the 90’s, he’s been the artistic director of the Farming Groove movement. Since 2001, he has been president of the Giano Bifronte association, being in charge of the planning of the emergent music festival “GiovaniSuoni” and many other events. He’s also founder of the Etabeta Lab foundation for the international emergent music development, estabilshed in 2006.


Gianni Ruggiero

born in 1952, he’s an audio engineer. He studied at Trident, Abbey Road and King Studios in London, as well as at the former RAI studios in Italy. He’s worked as sound engineer for Flying Record, Megaride Sound, Studio 7 and Phonotype Record. He’s recorded musics for theatre with the Giuffrè brothers, Eduardo De Filippo, Mariano Rigillo, Mario Martone, Tony Servillo, Lina Sastri, Carlo Buccirosso, Antonio Sinagra and many others. Also, he’s worked in music recording for movies with Eduardo Alfieri, Lina Wertmüller, Pappi Corsicato and Leonardo Pieraccioni. He is currently teaching audio engineering at the San Pietro a Majella music academy.


Daniele Chessa

born in Neaples in 1977, has grown up and raised with music in his life. When he was a teen, he used to play his father guitar and had the Beatles songs in his head all the time. However, synths, tape recorders and audio gear(s) took soon priority over all the rest., He began to produce dance music with just a sampler and a mixer, showing skills also in the audio manipulation. So he’s ended up working in discographic productions and making audio engineer projects. Even though he works for theatres all over Italy, he keeps buying gear in a compulsive way. Of course he still has music in his life. And an amazing son, too.


Francesco Sabatini

is an orchestral music composer and works in the music production industry as well. He has studied composition under Luca Toller until the entrance to the “San Pietro a Majella” music academy and has worked for seven years at the Trail Music Lab recording studio. Henceforward he has composed soundtracks for different kinds of media, joining the DP studio for videogame soundtrack making and integration. He’s empowered his skills with many music-oriented programming languages, such as KSP, C++ for DSP dev, Logic scripts and more. Now he’s working with Evolution Series and Composers Tools companies and he’s the audio technology referent for Auditorium Novecento.